In 2013, Boyan Slat began to question the large volumes of plastic accumulating in our oceans and why no one was doing anything to clean it up. At 16 years old, he began research into potential solutions to effectively recover and remove it

Successes and failures of JSE SRI index (3)

GCX Africa and Sun International – The Better Business Breakfast Forum
Ethical/Responsible Investment In South Africa – Truth Or Myth?
25 March 15 – Better Business Breakfast Forum Podcast

A: LOUISE GARDINER: I really appreciate the question from the Centre of Environmental rights, because activating different parts of the system, and maybe the system has been too sleepy and not aware of what needs to be managed. We are all in this together trying to work towards solving some big problems, and understanding those problems, and so that tension that the JSE SRI Index works within is great because it’s vibrant now; we’re putting pressure on it, the regulation is supporting it, disclosure is happening, companies are working with it. So we just need to keep everyone involved, continue with this un-glamorous process and be willing to adapt when the time comes.

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