In 2013, Boyan Slat began to question the large volumes of plastic accumulating in our oceans and why no one was doing anything to clean it up. At 16 years old, he began research into potential solutions to effectively recover and remove it

Reflecting on 2014, looking ahead to 2015

Wow, 2014 has flown by!

bowls-385x300Wow, 2014 has flown by!

This has been a tremendous year for us at GCX Africa.  We have had a few challenges, but these have been overshadowed by some brilliant achievements and successes.

We have delivered practical and holistic environmental strategies and have assisted in translating these into better business practice by implementing and managing performance driven action plans with some of our key clients.

We have made huge strides in ensuring that our service offerings are assisting our customers in minimsing risk, reducing costs and building resilience. Part of this strategy included firming up our waste and water programmes and expanding our in-house expertise in these.  We have implemented independent waste audits in over 20 locations, identifying risk exposure areas, and assisting in addressing these.

We have been registered as a consultant partner under the PSEE Program, and have implemented numerous free energy audits, recognizing huge energy savings for our customers.

We have built some solid partnerships, particularly with BCI, Biomimcry SA and the Thought Leaders Academy amongst others.

We said goodbye to Evarne Rees who made the long move to Singapore, and welcomed some key new staff members on board, namely Angus Ryan and Nono Halu.

We have developed new training programmes such as the resilient business courses, and we have a few new courses under development that will be launched next year.

We have some BIG PLANS for 2015, and are looking forward to an even more incredible year working together with our partners and clients in achieving our mission of making business better, creating shared value and lessening our impact on our planet.

We wish you all a happy festive season!

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