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Greening MutualPark: reducing waste, reducing risk, and saving money

Old Mutual and GCX are greening Mutual Park and minimising its waste


Old Mutual’s Mutual Park – its Cape Town Head Office – is home to 8000+ employees and a lot of waste.   As with all challenges, however, they represent opportunities – in this case minimising the Park’s environmental footprint and waste management bills.

In 2015, GCX conducted a waste audit for Old Mutual in order for Mutual Park to develop a waste policy and apply for Green Building Council Membership. Old Mutual acknowledged the value of a waste strategy which ultimately assists the company to have control over its resources, reduce risk, be environmentally responsible and save money.  In 2016 GCX officially partnered with Old Mutual to put together an Integrated Waste Management Plan to determine a baseline against which to benchmark progress.

GCX and Old Mutual started by separating and diverting waste into correct streams at source, followed by bin placements and awareness campaigns. Next GCX ergonomically redesigned Mutual Park’s waste recovery facility – the heart of Mutual Park’s waste management – followed by training of recycling staff.  Finally we developed a recycling plan and cost effective solutions for food waste, construction waste, paper, and e-waste. GCX is busy concluding the project with an Integrated Waste Management report.

“It’s been a great pleasure working with Old Mutual, a company who not only sees the bigger picture but also lives its “Responsible Business Pillars” values”, says Marnus van der Merwe, GCX’s program manager for the IMWP.   Van der Merwe has developed a 3D model for the proposed Waste Management site at Old Mutual – take a look at the video below.

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