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Have your say in the coming Carbon Tax legislation

carbon-tax-705x437-484x300The South African Carbon Tax has been a long time coming and seems to be finally moving towards fruition.

Earlier this week the Davis Tax Commission called for final comments on the Incoming Tax. The committee is undergoing a review of the South African tax system as a whole and is particularly eager to feel out the thoughts and concerns of industry regarding the carbon tax.

While a draft carbon tax bill is yet to be released (later this year), there are in the meanwhile 3 discussion papers on the matter, released by the National Treasury which serve to outline the proposed direction of the tax. The most recent of these was released in April last year and is available here.

Comments are to be sent to and the deadline for comment has been set for the 8th of May. If you’re a large carbon emitter we’d highly encourage you to check it out and give your input.

View GCX Africa’s past comments on National Treasury’s Carbon Tax Policy and Offset Paper. Also watch CNBC Africa’s Interview with Kevin James (GCX’s CEO) for more on the carbon tax here.

If you’d like to learn more about the Carbon Tax, check our course offering. 

The first component of the course covers all the essentials on the South African Carbon Tax and Carbon Offsets, with practical relevance to local businesses. Global and local carbon markets are analysed, in addition to future trends and strategies.

The current scenario in South Africa is discussed, with specific reference to proposed taxes and pricing mechanism options for Carbon. The second component of the course assists learners who want to develop their own carbon projects or advise others on carbon project development as it relates to costs, timelines and processes.

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