In 2013, Boyan Slat began to question the large volumes of plastic accumulating in our oceans and why no one was doing anything to clean it up. At 16 years old, he began research into potential solutions to effectively recover and remove it

Resource Optimisation Specialists

Measuring and managing your carbon and energy for performance
Climate Change is a global issue that has ushered in the inevitable transition to a low carbon economy. Far from being a burden, companies can unlock significant opportunities to reduce costs, become more efficient organisations, increase profits and enhance brand equity.
Why us?
We've helped hundreds of South Africa's companies to measure, manage, and report on all aspects of their energy and carbon. Through our access to multi-disciplinary human capital, GCX is unique in its ability to not only provide transparency into an organisations' carbon and energy data but to use this to design tailor-made solutions to support responsible and profitable business models.
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Our Services
  • Energy and Carbon Data Management
  • Energy Monitoring and assessments (Group, Company, Site)
  • CDP Reporting and Advisory
  • Science Based Targets
  • Carbon Credits Trading
  • Carbon Projects Development and Support
  • Carbon Verification (ISO14065)
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Carbon Tax Advisory Services
  • Energy Management plans and Systems
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