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Citi Hopper and Centurion Tours go Carbon Neutral with GCX Africa

GCX Africa is pleased to announce that we have been working with Citi Hopper and Centurion Tours to help them become carbon neutral; a complex process that GCX Africa makes simple.

GCX Africa developed an in-depth carbon footprint report that detailed their Scope 1 (direct on-site emissions from vehicles) and Scope 2 (in-direct emissions from grid electricity) emissions. Citi Hopper and Centurion Tours then  purchased an equivalent amount of carbon credits from a biodynamic farming project, sourced by GCX Africa through not-for-profit organisation PACE, to offset their measured emissions in a step to making the organisations carbon neutral. We chose PACE as they aim to link carbon revenue with poverty alleviation.


Farmer Angus Mcintosh from Spier explains ‘mob-grazing’ to City Hopper, Centurion Tours and GCX Africa.

Since October 2013 Citi Hopper and Centurion Tours have been operating a carbon neutral fleet of tourist vehicles – an important competitive edge given the high level of concern that tourists in South Africa give to treading lightly on the environment. GCX Africa is proud to have been able to facilitate this project, helping Citi Hopper and Centurion Tours become one of the first shuttle companies in South Africa to go carbon neutral. Citi Hopper and Centurion Tours wanted to source their carbon credits locally, so GCX Africa worked with a biodynamic farming project based at Spier in Stellenbosch to provide credits.

Farmer Angus McIntosh manages 74 hectares of pasture at Spier using a high-density “mob-grazing” methodology. This innovative and low-tech practice involves frequent stock rotations – cattle are moved up to 6 times a day, and laying hens in “egg-mobiles” once every day. The presence of a lot of animals
in a small space for a short period of time deposits enormous amounts of manure and urine on the land and
leads to healthy, vigorous pasture growth achieved without applying any fertilizer to the land.


Mob-grazing at Spier. One hectare of land offsets 8 vehicles per year

85 tonnes of CO2 per hectare per year is sequestered on the farm as a result of this mode of agriculture. City Hopper have a fleet of 17 vehicles, and Centurion Tours 29. Every hectare of land offsets 8 vehicles for City Hopper and 8 vehicles for Centurion Tours.

A commitment has been made by the project to invest at least 50% of the income generated by the sale of carbon credits to directly benefit employees. This is a brilliant project that GCX Africa is delighted to be able to support through purchasing carbon credits for our clients.

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