In 2013, Boyan Slat began to question the large volumes of plastic accumulating in our oceans and why no one was doing anything to clean it up. At 16 years old, he began research into potential solutions to effectively recover and remove it

GCX helps Oceana turn carbon data into business value

Carbon footprints are the basis for setting targets and driving performance into a low carbon future.


The GCX Carbon & Energy team is in process of assessing Oceana’s carbon footprint for their latest financial year.   This process is particularly important for Oceana as the group has set carbon reduction targets – both long term and year-on-year.   This data then becomes a vital tool to assess performance around those targets and to understand where and how emissions can be reduced.  

The data will be published in their Integrated Annual Report and feed into submissions for CDP, GRI, and other reporting mechanisms. 

“We are seeing more companies maturing on their sustainability journeys – particularly be setting targets that, if achieved, will make them more efficient companies,” says Sustainable Business Analyst Adam Green.  “This can save them money, greatly enhance staff morale, attract the type of talent that wants to work for purposeful companies, and become market leaders in their sector by using their sustainability success story to increase market share through brand enhancement and marketing.”  

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