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10 reasons why GCX believes 2017 should be your year of Better Business

We all know that increasing efficiencies and lowering costs are good for your business; but considering the potential social and environmental impacts of your operations can have far-reaching positive outcomes for your company.


By adopting a better business approach, not only will you be securing your long-term future, increasingly discerning consumers will see your company stand out from the crowd in the busy marketplace. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the 10 reasons we believe 2017 should be your year for Better Business.

1.  Innovation | Finding solutions to the complex issues related to your business’s consumption of resources can ensure you are a leader in innovation and your business is seen as an industry leader.

2.  Cost Savings | By using less packaging and energy and conserving existing resources, your business costs can be greatly reduced.

3.  Brand Differentiation | Embracing sustainable attitudes towards business will ensure that your business stands out from the crowd.

4.  Long-Term Thinking | Focusing on long-term sustainability by reducing resource use and dependency can ensure that your business has the tools it needs to succeed in the future.

5.  Customer Engagement & Demand | Increasingly discerning consumers want to know that their consumption of your product is not causing long-term negative impacts on our planet. Let your consumers know about your Better Business model.

6.  Employee Engagement & Education | Using education and available courses to upskill your employees will add value to your business’s offerings. Employees want a place that supports their values; following a Better Business model will increase employee satisfaction, retention and work quality.

7.  It’s for all companies, small, medium and large | Smaller companies have an advantage because their competitiveness often depends on being lean, resourceful, and nimble, which sustainability enables. Bigger companies have an advantage when it comes to influencing their supply chain to be sustainable and in influencing policy at the government level.

8.  Partnering with NGO’s adds to opportunity | Many companies think of NGOs as adversaries, but this is a missed opportunity to benefit from NGO expertise in material sourcing, water treatment and a host of other issues.

9.  Regulation | Go beyond compliance reporting and regulation; staying ahead of the curve now, will reduce costs in the future.

10.  Risk mitigation | With energy costs rising and uncertainty in supply, it is important that companies start re-thinking how they obtain and use resources.

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