Integrated Waste Solutions

We design and implement alternative waste strategies and solutions with one goal: zero waste to landfill
Landfill space is running out and waste disposal costs are rising. Solutions, therefore, to recycle, reuse and beneficiate this resource represents one of the biggest economic opportunities of our time.
Why us?
We’re a passionate team with decades of experience in developing business models that work. We spend our time connecting dots between strategy, legal compliance, profitability, and innovative solutions on the ground.
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Our Services
  • Zero Waste Strategies
  • Waste to Energy (Biogas & Pyrolysis)
  • Waste to Food
  • Waste Treatment Solutions
  • Waste Audits
  • Integrated Waste Management Plans
  • Operational Waste Management Plans
  • Waste Alternatives and Beneficiation
  • On site training and Development
  • Development and Management of RFQ’s
  • Waste Area Design and Revamps
Hein Fourie
Head of ZeroWaste
Jennifer Couperthwaite
Waste Engineer
OUR People We believe in long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients, which is why we’ve become the trusted partners of many of South Africa’s most complex organisations.
Hein Fourie
Head of ZeroWaste
Hein is the head of GCX ZeroWaste, chemical engineer and analytical systems thinker. He has 14 years in the Waste Water and Waste Management Industry, with 8 of these being spent on finding financially viable solutions for waste streams going to landfill. His expertise in process optimisation, feasibility studies, and project management, ensure solutions are practical, effective, and take all operational requirements into account. Hein has played an instrumental role in commissioning the first anaerobic acid mine drainage Treatment plant in South Africa. Furthermore, his achievements include the development an optical sorting diamond recovery plant and working on pebble bed nuclear reactor support systems. Hein holds a Chemical Engineering Degree from Pretoria University. He is passionate about nature, the oceans, our natural environment and I thrive on finding solutions that reverses industrial impact on nature.
Jennifer Couperthwaite
Waste Engineer
Jennifer is a chemical engineer who completed her undergraduate and master’s degree in biological process engineering at the University of Cape Town. Her master’s project focussed on the treatment of sulphate-rich wastewater with electricity producing microorganisms. Here she gained 2 years of full time laboratory and data analysis experience. Jennifer has a passion for being part of the movement towards sustainably achieving engineering goals. This brought her to GCX where she joined ZeroWaste as a new graduate in 2016.
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